Oikos Storage Limited operates a nationally significant marine fed oil, fuel and bulk liquid import and storage facility, located on Canvey Island in Essex

About Us

The Oikos facility has been operating since 1936 on Canvey Island, Essex. For over 80 years, we have been importing, handling, storing and delivering our products safely and securely and have an excellent track record in health, safety and environmental practices.

The facility is the only independently owned bulk liquid import and storage terminal in the UK which has access to the deep-water navigable channel of the River Thames, links to the national strategic road network and connections to the UK’s key fuel pipeline networks.

Our facility is fully compliant with the requirements set by the Health and Safety Executive. We are continuing to modernise our site using state-of-the art technology, making the facility amongst the most advanced in Europe.

Our infrastructure, including two operational marine jetties, over 35 storage tanks, road loading facilities and connections to national fuel pipelines, enables us to make a significant contribution to the provision of a reliable and safe fuel supply to vital UK industries.

Our location

The Oikos facility is located around 40 miles east of London, on Canvey Island, Essex, on the north side of the River Thames.

The location of the facility benefits from good access to national road networks, shipping routes and the UK’s key fuel distribution pipelines, enabling us to carry out vital fuel deliveries to national airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, and other storage facilities across the country.

The facility also connects the UK to the European fuel supply distribution networks through links to the Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam region and also receives product from other international ports.

What Oikos does

Oikos operates a bulk liquid storage facility which primarily imports, stores and distributes refined petroleum products.

Our infrastructure enables us to assist in ensuring that essential fuel supplies continue to reach the UK industries that rely on them. The facility is a vital part of the UK’s infrastructure for diesel supply and aviation fuel distribution for major airports including Stansted, Heathrow and Gatwick.

Site development works

Over the past ten years, Oikos has invested in significant infrastructure upgrades at the site, including the refurbishment of storage tanks and marine infrastructure.
An extension to the existing Jetty 2, to create a new deep-water jetty with the capacity to accommodate larger vessels of up to 120,000 tonnes deadweight, was completed in 2018. As a part of this project, 12 existing storage tanks on the north eastern side of the facility were refurbished.

Oikos on Canvey Island

Oikos is committed to supporting the wider local community and neighbours that surround our site. This is reflected in our proud sponsorship of Canvey Island Football Club (FC).

For generations, Oikos has maintained its connection to Canvey Island and the local area, as we have contributed to the growing importance of the local area to national fuel security and the UK economy.

As a local business with strong ties to Canvey Island, Oikos is committed to working with Canvey Island residents to ensure that our operations are managed safely, sustainably and with minimal impact on our neighbours.

Proud to sponsor
Canvey Island FC

“At Oikos, we help to provide a reliable and safe fuel supply across the country. We operate to the highest standards of safety and sustainability and continuously invest in improvements. This commitment is essential to what we do and is reflected in a close relationship with our neighbours.”

Tony Woodward, General Manager of Oikos Storage Limited

Health, safety & the environment

Oikos has maintained an excellent track record in health, safety and environmental practices. The facility has an excellent process safety record and is fully licensed by the Environment Agency (EA) and the local authority to receive, store, transfer and treat related materials.

Oikos is regulated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Environment Agency under the Control of Major Accidents Hazards Regulations 2015 (COMAH). The site is fully compliant with these COMAH regulations. A thorough risk and consequence analysis has been carried out as required by these regulations and is regularly reviewed to ensure that we continue to adhere to the most stringent safety requirements.

Over time, these regulators have required the owners of Oikos to meet increasingly rigorous standards, as understanding of risk and advances in technology have developed. We have in turn enhanced our practices to continue to meet these standards.

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